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Cambodia Tours and Trips Reviews

  • “I had a great holiday in Cambodia. Everyone in the group is friendly and cheerful, A guides are very friendly too to show me many new things novel everyday life and people of Cambodia. Wonderful, Bokor is like a Dalat of Cambodia with peaceful, calm and romantic space. Unfortunately I only had 2 days here. I will definitely come back with my friends.”

    Nguyễn thúy Hạnh (Hà Nội)

  • ” Angkor is a wonderful tourist complex of Cambodia. A precious historical monument, a vestiges of the central city of Angkor. It is regrettable that over time all are only ruins. However, it still has the same values, monumental and magnificent. Great works are made entirely of human power with heavy rocks and rudimentary tools. It is fun and rewarding to come here to experience and visit.” 

    Nguyễn Huy (TP Hồ Chí Minh)