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Bokor Mountain National park of Cambodia

National park of Cambodia Phnom Bokor and the French city of a XVIII century thrown there

The most beautiful and most mystical natural park of Southeast Asia, it is, of cource, Phnom Bokor. 140 thousand hectare of untouched mountain jungle, the biggest herd of wild elephants in Southeast Asia. Park Phnom Bokor is located in Elephant mountains being continuation Cardamon mountains (Kravan). Most park Phnom Bokor point – mountain Kamtjaj is high (Bokor, Phnom on khmer dictionary means – the mountain) has height of 1077 metres above sea level and is the point second for height point in Cambodia. At once at entrance to park virgin forests begin.

National park Phnom Bokor, beginning somewhere with 250 metres it is densely covered by almost impassable primary jungle, from height, approximately, 910 metres all park Bokor is covered by rather equal plateau. Where there lives wild herd of elephants more than 100 individuals. Also in Phnom Bokor live tigers, foxes, the greatest set of snakes and other, certainly monkeys. On the top there is Pagoda.

Here the old French aristocrats at the time of when Cambodia was the French colony, before you the thrown casino of Bokor, a wall in magnificent safety earlier had a rest, protection is not present, full expanse for tourists. It is possible to climb on a roof and in a cellar.

So 15 kilometres a streamer on mountain Bokor top to the thrown French city of a XVIII-th century look. Jolting in an off-road car throughout three hours not the most ordinary test.

To reach Phnom Bokor park in Cambodia it is possible from provincial small town Kampot from which almost daily go allroads cars, the driver of an off-road car takes 20-30 dollars more tourists depending on turistic quantity in a car, sometimes jams to 15 persons in one, for example, toyota 4ranner. Bokor it is necessary to visit necessarily at least time in a life.

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