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Discover Vietnam’s most beautiful bay

Ha Long Tourism – Discover Vietnam’s most beautiful bay in the summer of 2020

The breathtakingly beautiful beach, the romantic natural scenery, and the exciting underwater activities make you anxious for the upcoming summer vacation? Do not hesitate any longer without planning Ha Long tourism to discover the most beautiful bay in Vietnam.

Why should you choose Ha Long tourism this summer?


Ha Long is known as Vietnam’s resort paradise with countless interesting and attractive things.

When traveling to Ha Long, visitors will be immersed in a charming landscape extremely charming. Blue sky, white clouds. Clear, calm blue water, patted the waves on the smooth white cutting beach. Hidden in it are limestone mountains located close to each other and rely on each other. All create an extremely eye-catching natural population. Whether it is the early morning, the midday sun is very bright or when the ivory sunset falls, Ha Long shows up with a lyrical, incredibly charming look. Just looking at those scenery, surely tourists traveling Ha Long will forget all tiredness and melancholy. The soul will be relaxed, relaxed and no longer a little bit entangled.

Not only possessing a poetic natural scenery in every angle of view, Ha Long is also endowed with innumerable wonders deep in the sparkling, fanciful caves. It is possible to mention the beautiful caves of Ha Long such as Me Cung, Trinh Nu, Thien Cung, … For those who love to explore and like geology, Ha Long tourism will be extremely reasonable.


Just like a sea tour, when traveling to Ha Long, visitors will enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, such as Chay Beach, Tuan Chau Beach, Ti Top Beach, Ngoc Vung Beach , Quan Lan beach, Minh Chau beach, Ba Trai Dao beach. You can participate in kayaking to visit the wild beauty at Luon cave.

You can try the feeling of scuba diving to explore the seabed with shimmering coral reefs in Ha Long. Those who love to explore the sea culture, when traveling to Ha Long, do not miss visiting the fishing village of Ba Hang and Cuu Van. There, you can join in fishing and enjoy the rustic rustic cuisine of the sea.


Another wonderful thing when traveling to Ha Long is the resort experience on a luxury yacht. This is a highlight unique to Ha Long. Standing on the bow of the boat, feeling the cool breeze full of steam can make your heart sob. Enjoying a glass of champagne and watching the sea at night are nothing more exciting. Floating on the waves, immersing in the endless nature, will probably bring visitors unforgettable emotions.

Come and feel, surely you will not regret when deciding to come to Ha Long.

Where to book Ha Long summer tours?


Ha Long is a tourist paradise, so there will be plenty of travel and tourism companies for guests to book tours. Top Asia Travel is one of the companies with the best quality of travel services today.

Wishing to bring you a comfortable and enjoyable summer vacation, Top Asia Travel’s Halong tour is always attractive to the most famous destinations of this beautiful bay. Currently, Top Asia Travel has many schedules to Ha Long for you to choose from, such as 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights … Depending on the schedule you choose, Top Asia Travel offers the appropriate cost.

To book a tour or exchange information about destinations as well as Ha Long travel expenses, please contact Top Asia Travel via website: topasiatravel.com.vn. We are ready to serve at any time.



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