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Experience Phnom Penh “BỤI” Tourism From A-Z

Experience Phnom Penh “BỤI” Tourism From A-Z

Want to know about the “BUI” Phnom Penh travel experience to prepare for your upcoming vacation? Refer immediately to the information that the “phượt” professionals, endless passion for movementism share in the article below.

Experiences travel “BỤI” Phnom Penh – how to go?

With no blue beach, golden sand, no towering hills or vast primeval forests, Phnom Penh’s capital is a bustling, bustling, bustling city with scars left in years of war. Not a pure tourist city but Phnom Penh has a very unique attraction that makes visitors want to visit and explore.
According to the “BỤI” tourism experience of Phnom Penh of many young people, it is not difficult to go to this city. You can choose to go by road or by plane. Phnom Penh is only about 6 hours away from Ho Chi Minh City, you just need to go to Pham Ngu Lao Street, Bui Vien and buy a bus ticket with the destination is Phnom Penh. Ticket price will range from 200 – 300k / ticket. If you want faster, there are also available flights from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh directly, cost from 100-200 USD / ticket depending on the airline.
After arriving in the capital of Cambodia, you can proceed to visit by walking because the tourist attractions in the city are quite close to each other. Or to save time, you should choose a tuk tuk – a vehicle very popular in neighboring Vietnam. Price for this service is only about 2-3 USD / time / person
Experience Phnom Penh “BỤI” tourism – where?
The “BỤI” travel experience book in Phnom Penh shows that hotel and motel services here are very diverse. Especially in the famous West Sisowath Quay is the gathering place of many hostels, guest houses, cheap dorm rooms only about 3-5 USD / night. If you want to be more luxurious, it only takes 8-10 USD / night with a double room. Some hostel names you can record when you need them are:
   – Aura Thematic Hostel: Hostel is only about 200m from Royal Palace Phnom Penh, price from 5USD / person for dorm room and 10.5 USD / person for double room
   – Happy House Zone: Hostel is quite close to the waterfront Sisowath Quay area with affordable price only 4 USD / person for dorm room and 10 USD / 2 people for double room.
Note, travel experience “BỤI” Phom Penh or with any city, you should also book a room to be more active in your trip.
Experience Phnom Penh “BỤI” tourism – Places to visit
Experience “BỤI” tourism in Phnom Penh shows that you must definitely visit the following 3 locations to better understand this country:
   – Wat Phnom: Wat Phnom is one of the most ancient and sacred temples in neighboring country of Vietnam. Located in a central location, the temple attracts a large number of visitors to visit among them many Buddhists. The pagoda is quite large with worshiping areas, precincts, and spiers typical for the Khmer architecture. The ticket to Wat Phnom is 1 USD.
   – Royal Palace: The Royal Palace has long become one of the symbols of the Cambodian royal family. It is also the residence and working place of the king as well as specialized in organizing ceremonies to welcome heads of countries. In the Royal Palace, there is a complex of works taking white and gold as the dominant color tone, flower garden and famous Silver Pagoda. Do not miss the opportunity to come here to admire the lavish, splendid and rich architecture of Phom Penh.
   – Central Market: Central Market is a very large market of Phnom Penh, extremely crowded in the morning and dark. The market has a quite unique architecture with a prominent yellow dome design, inside all the stalls are covered with no fear of rain and sunshine. According to the “BỤI” tourism experience in Phnom Penh, this is an ideal place to buy souvenirs or specialties of this beautiful Southeast Asian country.
Above are some of Phnom Penh’s “BỤI” travel experiences from A-Z shared by Top Asia Travel. Hope you will have a fun trip with many interesting and interesting experiences. For further advice on Cambodia travel and Cambodia tours at Top Asia Travel please contact:


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