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Experience the Cambodian Capital Like A Native

Phnom Penh tourist map experience the Cambodian capital like a native
Arriving in the bustling central city of this country, many tourists often wonder where to go and what to eat in Phnom Penh. If you have the same concern, check out Phnom Penh travel map
Phnom Penh travel map – Where to eat and drink?
Khmer Surin Restaurant
As a typical Khmer dining venue, Surin restaurant possesses a simple layout with jars of water, lotus pots … and open space. This is the best dining and dining view in Phnom Penh, giving you panoramic views of this beautiful city.
Phsar Reatrey night market
This night market in West Sisowath Quay is one of the cheapest places to eat in Phnom Penh, giving visitors a glimpse of the beautiful waterfront. Besides the food stalls, visitors can buy souvenirs at the handicrafts stalls, clothes stalls … On some special occasions, Phsar Reatrey night market will perform music by artists. streets love life.
Khmer Food Village Restaurant
Owning open and airy space, Khmer Food Village restaurant offers up to 100 different Khmer specialties. If you want to learn Cambodian cuisine, this is the destination in the tourist map of Phnom Penh.
Western Sisowath neighborhood
This night market on the Sisowath Quay brings all the cuisines from different regions (Thai, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese …) so that visitors can feel here as their home. . In addition, the night market also has bars and pubs for visitors to “rock the night” with many new and interesting pleasures.
Phsar Thmei Market
Similar to Phsar Reatrey night market, in the tourist map of Phnom Penh, the night market located in the city center is not only a famous dining spot but also a place to visit and shop for tourists. Coming here, visitors can enjoy Khmer specialties such as noodles, noodles, seafood, fried chicken / duck, jaggery beef cake …
Phnom Penh travel map – What to play in Phnom Penh?
Wat Phnom
This old temple is one of the holiest temples in Cambodia. It stores thrilling stories about the history of Phnom Penh. In addition, this temple is also the place with the most beautiful city view here.
Independence monument
This typical stupa shaped monument is located at the intersection of Sihanouk and Norodom streets. This statue has many similarities to the famous Angkor Wat architecture of Cambodia.
Cambodian palace
This symbolic area of the Cambodian royal family used to be the area where the king lived and worked. The architecture here uses white and gold tones as the main theme, along with the famous flower garden and Silver Pagoda area.
Royal square
In front of the palace gate is the Royal Square – where visitors often take photos of check-in as well as feeding pigeons like the Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City.

Silver Pagoda
Inside the Royal Palace is the Silver Pagoda area with more than 5000 pieces of silver slices as the floor, each weighing more than 1kg. In addition, the statues of gold, silver and copper are also the most noticeable with skillful sculptures.

Dead fields and Tuol Sleng genocide museum

These are two of the places where artifacts speak of the darkest period in Cambodian history – Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge authorities. Deadly gardens with dozens of skulls, a verdict denouncing the Khmer Rouge and Cambodia’s harshest prison is enough to show how brutal the Pol Pot government has left to Cambodians. .
National Museum of Cambodia
In the tourist map of Phnom Penh, this famous place is indispensable. This is a national museum displaying more than half a million archaeological, religious and artistic artifacts of the Khmer from the IV-XIII century. This place reminds everyone of the golden age of the Angkor Dynasty as well as the whole of Cambodia at that time.
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