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Phnom Penh 2020 tours cheap and attractive

                                           Phnom Penh 2020 tours cheap

Are you planning to book a tour to Phnom Penh? You are wondering when planning your own visit to Phnom Penh? Top Asia Travel would like to share your valuable Phnom Penh 2020 travel experiences, while saving money while still having a safe, fun, meaningful Phnom Penh tour with unforgettable memories.



Phnom Penh is one of the ideal tourist destinations for those who want to travel to experience a new culture and save money. In the 70s, Phnom Penh was like the Paris of the East.

There are many buildings with French architecture along with the unique works of Khmer architecture. For a long time, Phnom Penh tours have been very popular in Asia in general and in Vietnam in particular.

Suggested itinerary Phnom Penh 3 days 2 nights tour

DAY 1:


Start welcoming guests to tour Phnom Penh. There are many car companies running from Vietnam to Phnom Penh.

Alternatively, you can also travel by plane to Phnom Penh.


Visit the western Sisowath Quay: Here near the Mekong River, it is extremely ideal place to go for a walk in the evening and watch the sunrise in Phnom Penh in the morning.

DAY 2:


You will experience cycling by nearby attractions, or take a tuk tuk when traveling to more remote locations.

Move to Wat Phnom:

This is where you will hear and learn about the history of Phnom Penh.

Wat Phnom is a temple with a long history and is one of the most important temples in Phnom Penh. It attracts pilgrims from all parts of the country and is a must-visit for visitors when participating in Phnom Penh tours.


The next site is the National Museum of Cambodia: It contains Khmer antiques from the time of the Chenla kingdom (pre-Angkor) to the most glorious period of Angkor Wat.A


Royal Palace – Silver Pagoda: This is a famous tourist destination in Phnom Penh tour.

You can learn about life in Phnom Penh palace here. In addition, you can admire the large and unique square in front of the palace.

Besides, you can also visit the temple which is paved with 2,000 silver bricks, and the golden Buddha image with 2,000 special diamonds attached.

At the end of the day, you will be taken to the Central Market:

Perhaps this is the place to look forward to in Phnom Penh tour. It sells everything from gems, electronics, souvenirs, clothes, food … extremely diverse and rich. A special feature is that a small number of people here speak Vietnamese and spend Vietnamese money too!

DAY 3:


Visit the independent monument and Vietnam – Cambodia friendship monument:

This is the place where tourists take the most souvenir photos when participating in Phnom Penh tours.

Toul Saleng Genocide Museum:

In the past, this was the place where the Khmer troops confined, tortured, forced supply, … more than 20,000 intellectuals in Phnom Penh, then would take them to Killing Fields to execute.

Killing Field:

This is considered the most attractive place in Phnom Penh tour.

About 15km from the city center, Killing Field holds a very important part in Cambodian history. Coming here, you will hear about the Khmer Rouge genocide and witness the mass graves, human bone towers, …


The final destination of the Phnom Penh tour is the Russian Market (Toul Tom Poung Market), where you can visit and choose for yourself the souvenirs of your trip to Phnom Penh.

Finally, you get on the car or plane to return to Vietnam, ending the tour of Phnom Penh.



Accompanying Top Asia Travel, the opportunity to explore Phnom Penh has never been so easy for you. What are you waiting for, do not hurry and contact us for advice on a tour of Phnom Penh that best suits you!

Let Top Asia Travel help you enjoy an interesting Phnom Penh tour at the lowest cost!



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