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Phnom Penh Travel Experience Extremely Useful

5 Phnom Penh travel experience is extremely helpful

How to travel to Phnom Penh? Where? What play? Eat what? How to move? Certainly the issues that those who are in need of the capital of this pagoda country are very interested. 5 travel experiences in Phnom Penh below will help you fully answer the journey to and explore this mysterious and unique land.

How to go to Phnom Penh?

According to the experience of Phnom Penh tourism of many people, before finding out how to go here, you need to learn about the weather of this land.
Accordingly, in Phnom Penh in particular and Cambodia in general, the weather is always hot all year round, so you can come at any time without fear of rain and wind. However, for the best, you should come in about August to October, because the weather will be relatively pleasant and cool.
How to go to Phnom Penh? – From Vietnam to Cambodia you can choose 2 means of transportation are cars and airplanes. According to Phnom Penh travel experience, you should go by car because it’s quite close, admire many beautiful scenes.
Love from Ho Chi Minh, there are many car manufacturers go straight to Phnom Penh with prices ranging from $ 8 – $ 10, the time to drive about 6 hours. You only need to take a nap to go to this country.
By air, there are currently some direct flights from Vietnam to Phnom Penh of airlines such as Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airline, Cambodia Angkor Air …
Where when to Phnom Penh?

When traveling to Phnom Penh, you do not need to worry too much about accommodation. Because, there are a lot of cheap hotels and homestays you can search online and book in advance. The experience of Phnom Penh tourism is shared, the area with the most developed hotels and tourism of this capital is the Western Quarter.
Room rates for rent here are not too expensive, at about $ 8-10 / night, with a private room with the most basic amenities. In addition, there are a number of large, comfortable and modern hotels such as Aura Thematic Hostel, Happy House Zone, …
Advice from the travel experience of Phnom Penh for many people is that you should rent a room in the central area or near the tourist attractions to have fun to travel.
Phnom Penh travel experience – Destinations, have fun exploring

What to play when coming to Phnom Penh? – The experience of the famous tourist destinations below will be a very good suggestion for you to have a fun, perfect journey.
Wat Phnom

This is the largest and most sacred temple in Phnom Penh associated with the history of formation and development of this land. The pagoda is quite large with unique Khmer architecture including temples, campus and high towers. This is the central area and the origin of the name Phnom Penh. Entrance fee is 1 $.
Cambodian palace
Sharing travel experience in Phnom Penh, the palace is considered a destination you should visit. This is the residence of the king and the entire royal family, the place where important royal and diplomatic activities of the country take place. Currently, the royal family lives at Khemarin Palace and other areas tourists will visit.
The palace is located on Samdach Sothearos Blvd (Phnom Penh), near the West Sisowath Quay. The cost of visiting with foreign visitors is $ 10.
Central market

If you want to shop for Cambodian specialties or buy as gifts, the central market is the area to visit. The market is usually crowded in the morning and evening. The market is designed with a dome-shaped architecture in yellow color, in the covered market, it is always cool, you can spend all day playing and shopping here.
Dead fields Choeung Ek

According to Phnom Penh travel experience, if you are a “weak-hearted” person, you should not come to this place. This is where the bloody, barbaric war of the Pol Pot genocide took place in the 70s with over 20,000 Khmer Rouge killed. At Choeung Ek, there are memorials and storage places for about 8,000 skulls of those found here. Entrance fee is $ 1.
What to eat when coming to Phnom Penh?
When traveling to Phnom Penh, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many dishes such as insects, roasted rice, fried noodles, dried noodles, noodles, bread, fresh coconut, … You can easily buy these Street food on the street or at the markets, the price is not too expensive. Only with a cost of about 50,000 VND can fill the stomach.
How to move in Phnom Penh?
According to the experience of many travelers, when coming to Phnom Penh you can choose transportation options such as tuk tuk, taxi, public bus, motorbike and walking. The most common is the tuk tuk.
With the experience of Phnom Penh tourism, we hope that you will prepare the best trip for conquering this country.


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