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The experience one day at Cambodian market

The experience one day at Cambodian market

Visiting Cambodia without having a day of experiencing the Cambodian market is indeed a big mistake. Learn about the traditional markets and some special markets in this neighboring country.

Traditional Cambodian market (Phsar Thmey)

Referring to the traditional Cambodian market, it’s impossible not to mention Phnom Thmey Market. This is the most famous market and often appears in the Cambodia tour.

Here, in addition to the purchase of unique items of this beautiful country such as traditional clothing, fine art …, you can also enjoy the specialties attractive. Foreign tourists are very fond of fried insect stalls, dried fish or some typical cakes such as steamed cakes, pork skin, fried shrimp cake …

For comparison, Cambodian market Phsar Thmey is quite similar to Ben Thanh market in Vietnam, but more than in terms of crowded. Many items, food here quite similar to us, sometimes you even meet Vietnamese sales here. But Cambodian cakes are more diverse, colorful and eye catching.


The Phsar Thmey Night Market is one of Phnom Penh‘s most relaxing places to stay. You can open barbeque, while enjoying the traditional dances of this ancient tower pagoda.


Cambodian Orussey

Another name that should not be missed when visiting Phnom Penh is Orussey Market. From a distance, the market stands out with orange-colored walls and many older floors but always crowded. Orussey market is an interesting destination to have the most authentic experience of life and culture of Cambodia.

You should try the famous Brohet snack when coming to the Cambodian Orussey market. Brohet are skewers of pork and crab, covered with a layer of flour and fried. For only $ 1, you can enjoy 3 delicious Brohet slips.

By the way, you can also buy specialty gifts brought back to Vietnam from Cambodian market like rice, sticky rice, dried lotus seeds, dried sea bass …


Special Cambodia market – container market

Beside the traditional markets, Jet’s Container Market in Cambodia emerges as a unique landmark and destination for tourists in the capital, Phnom Penh.

This Cambodian market has been established for more than a year but has attracted many Cambodian people as well as foreign visitors to visit and shop.

The unique Cambodian market is assembled from 300 containers, making up nearly 100 stores operating nightly. The market includes high-end restaurants to popular eateries, offering a variety of specialty food. In addition, the market also has a variety of entertainment such as café, bars …

Just walk through the colorful stalls at the Cambodian market, buy the things favorite items, enjoy the delicious food, just immersed in the traditional Khmer music is nothing more wonderful!

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