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Cambodia Tourism – “Land of Chua Thap” ancient, mysterious

             Cambodia Tourism – “Land of Chua Thap” ancient, mysterious 

Cambodia Tourism in recent years has been very developed and attracted many tourists. This place was dubbed the “Land of Chua Thap” with ancient and mysterious architecture, partly making the visitors fascinated by that beauty. Let’s explore the beautiful and mysterious country through the following article that Top Asia Travel brings!


Which season is the most suitable for traveling to Cambodia?

Cambodia has a climate quite similar to Vietnam when there are also two distinct seasons, the rainy and dry seasons. Cambodia has a much drier and hotter climate, with temperatures ranging from 21oC – 35oC, sometimes up to 40 oC. Therefore, the best time to travel to Cambodia is in November to April, when the weather is more pleasant, milder, less hot and less rainy.

If you are in the midst of April, you have the opportunity to take part in the traditional Tet holiday in Cambodia with the extremely exciting Bom Chaul Chnam Water Fall Festival, held on the 13th to the 15th of the fourth month of the Gregorian calendar each year.

Architecture timeless Cambodia tourism

Referring to Cambodia, we can not ignore the mysterious architecture that lasts forever. Every tourist wants to be able to discover what is most beautiful, most striking when traveling to Cambodia by the beauty of the land here.

Angkor ruins complex – tourist attraction Cambodia

Coming to this sacred land, do not miss the mysterious and ancient Angkor heritage. The Angkor population in Siem Reap province, is a symbol of Cambodia, a unique architectural masterpiece of architecture that has come into legend.

Coming here, you can discover the most valuable gem of Cambodia is Angkor Wat – which houses more than 1,800 different statues, built from 5 million tons of sandstone. After that, do not forget to enjoy the impressive Apsara dance!

Angkor Thom – the last capital of the Angkor Empire shines the light of a golden age not far from Angkor Wat. Here is the most famous Bayon temple – a three-story tower temple opens in four directions with 216 giant smile faces, smiles full of mystery and mystery.

You will get lost in the ancient pagoda country of the Angkor population when traveling to Cambodia. You will have an unforgettable impression, the most interesting experiences in Cambodia.

The elegance comes from the Royal Palace of Cambodia

This is a unique combination of palaces, buildings and gardens creating a harmonious, sophisticated and luxurious beauty.

When visiting the Palace, you will visit Silver Pagoda with the pagoda floor is paved with over 5,000 silver bricks, displaying and storing more than 1,600 precious treasures of gold and silver.

In particular, the emerald Buddha statue sits on the central tower and the Maitreya Buddha image is made of 90 kg of pure gold and is decorated with thousands of sparkling diamonds.

An impressive architectural work of “Asian pearl” has brought shimmering beauty, magnificent to help visitors be released when traveling to Cambodia.

Cambodia tourism immersed in the natural beauty

Koh Rong Island has clear blue sea water

You want to immerse yourself in the gentle and romantic natural space, visit Koh Rong Island when traveling to Cambodia. You will see the beautiful scenery of the green, white sand, yellow sunshine and the wind harmonize to create a great picture, a love song.

Koh Rong Island in Sihanoukville city is really wonderful with pristine beauty, seafood dishes that make many tourists “come here but do not want to come back”.

Bokor Plateau – “Forgotten Heaven”

It is said that the Bokor Plateau is a “forgotten paradise”. Similar to the wonders of Angkor for a long time, the Bokor Plateau after many years of desolation has revived and the mysteries are gradually solved. Bokor Plateau is a tourist attraction not to be missed when coming to Kampot town to explore the lifestyle, restaurants and small towns by the river.


With a cool climate, Bokor is compared to Vietnamese people as “Da Lat of Cambodia”. Coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the works of France dyed in time. In particular, visitors will be immersed in nature in Bokor National Park – the leading eco-tourism area in Cambodia or try their luck at Thansur Bokor Highland.


Traveling to Cambodia, come here to enjoy the chilly atmosphere of the early morning. You will enjoy the best that Mother Nature has bestowed on you.

Each destination will be an unforgettable experience for each traveler. Top Asia Travel will bring visitors wonderful experiences in Cambodia’s “Land of Pagoda Pagoda” with the most perfect service quality!

With the motto “Everyone Can Travel – Anyone can travel”, Top Asia Travel hopes to connect everyone’s heart to each other around the world. Enjoy the non-stop trips with Top Asia Travel!

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